Susan Baker
Paintings in watercolours, acrylics and oils

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It was so great to see you work again Susan. It is very inspiring!
Hart Downey - 16 Feb 2024
Susan, saw your painting at the SPAC show today!!! What fun....checked out your website and you have been busy painting.
JoAnne Botten - 13 Oct 2018
I recently came across Susan's paintings on display at Cedar Hill gallery. I purchased the Government Street painting showing the now classic cars from the 50,s ..I love the colours and subjects she chooses and the story's behind the pictures.. Mike
Mike SHEFFIELD - 13 Apr 2018
Wonderful! Wonderful! I love the just a bit off realism!
Cameron Peters - 14 Nov 2015
I love, love, LOVE your classic cars and trucks! They are sculptures on their own, works of art that I admire. Seeing your paintings, I realize that while I may not ever be in a position to have one in my driveway, I'm close to being able to hang one on my wall!! - Jeni
Jeni Gunn - 7 Aug 2013
How lovely it was to reconnect yesterday, after so many years! I hope the rest of the afternoon was successful. I shall keep my eyes open for your lovely paintings at future events.
Gail Nash - 29 Jul 2013
I recently met Susan while she was working on a painting at a car show. Two days later, I have that painting hanging in a prominent place in my home! Keep up the great work Susan.
Ron Stefik - 26 Jun 2013
I love "The Party" I and II!! Nice loose work with lots of disappearing edges and great colour!
Melanie Barnes - 16 Sep 2012
Beautiful work.
Darlene Young - 19 May 2012
I had a look through your gallery.... You've been very busy. Nice Work.... Your paintings give a nice sense of peaceful calm, and beauty! Keep Painting :) Marg
Margaret Knappers - 22 Mar 2012
first saw your work at McKenzie Vet, and was enchanted. You have a gift for capturing something magical in your paintings, especially the gardens and the animals. I hope we will connect at some point in person. Thank you for putting up the site, so I could enjoy it, and I hope to meet you someday. Dorian
Dorian Nickells - 28 Feb 2012
Love your work, Susan
Mike Leavy - 16 Feb 2012
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